#Headstart Series – Leaders Performance Institute

In 2019, Optios partnered with the Leaders Performance Institute to advance awareness and understanding of how applied neuroscience optimizes peak performance in elite sports, extends pro athlete’s career longevity, and facilitates better talent selection.

What is the Leaders Performance Institute? The international “Leaders” membership-only community includes over 800 elite sport performance practitioners, teams and federations that range from the NBA to the AFL and Premier League.

As part of our partnership with Leaders, we’ve created a series of articles that are a mix of scientifically-validated research, personal insights from our leadership team, and current examples of why applied neuroscience promises to be a game-changer for elite sports.

The ongoing #Headstart series of bi-monthly articles from the Optios can be found online at Leaders’ Sport Performance Hub. This 8-part series wrapped up in January of 2020. These articles are cataloged in chronological order for your convenience.

#1 – Headstart: Demonstrating the Value of Neurocognitive Assessments for Pro Athletes, Coaches & Scouts

Published Sep 12, 2019

In the first of an ongoing series, Optios explores how performance practitioners stand to gain from a pioneering approach to neuroscience.

#2 – Headstart: Why Athletes and Coaches Are Turning Toward Neuroscience

Published Sep 26, 2019

In the second installment of our ongoing series, Optios shines a light on advanced neuroperformance technologies and brain imaging tools and how they make it possible to reshape and rewire the brain in targeted ways for the first time in human history.

#3 – Headstart: Why Neuroscience Promises to Be a Game-Changer for Elite Sport

Published Oct 10, 2019

In this third installment, Optios touches upon brain plasticity and how it can be harnessed by elite athletes to rewire and upgrade their brains.

#4 – Headstart: How to Make That Playbook Stick in the Athlete’s Mind

Published Oct 24, 2019

In this fourth installment, Optios discusses declarative and implicit memory and how neuroscience can optimize an athlete’s cognitive workload.​

#5 – Headstart: Talent Selection – How Neurocognitive Assessments Assist Recruitment

Published Nov 7, 2019

In this fifth installment, Optios explores how neuroscience allows for a more holistic approach to talent identification, recruitment and development.

#6 – Headstart: How Applied Neuroscience is Optimizing Elite Player Performance

Published Dec 2, 2019

The neuroperformance experts at Optios continually improve each player’s performance by assessing, training, and using a “cognitive boost” to optimize on-the-field play.

#7 – Headstart: Why Neuroscience Can Be the Key  to Extending Playing Careers

Published Dec 16, 2019

In this latest column, Optios explains how neurofeedback and advanced neuroimaging can keep your players in the game for longer.

#8 – Headstart: What Makes Some Elite Performers More Resilient Than Others?

Published Jan 9, 2020

In this final column of this eight-part series, Optios explains how neurofeedback, mental skills training, and motivational priming can be used to develop the resilience of elite athletes.